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Pool Construction Info

Choosing the right pool company can be confusing so we came up with a list of construction items that makes Oasis Pools stand out from the rest.

• Pool design, layout and complete construction management by either owner Mike Sr., Michael Jr. or Nick Stanton.

• 1 or more skimmers per pool.

• 2 bottom main drains per pool & spa.

• 3/8” steel tied 10” on center.

• Spa walls which are not shared with the pool are doubled to increase strength.  This is called a “double curtain.”

• Limestone base under pool floor instead of river rock.  This makes for a much more solid foundation and allows water flow beneath the pool.


• True gunite, not concrete/shotcrete, is used to assure total security of you asset.  Unlike vinyl or fiberglass pools, a gunite pool floor and walls form a single entity which means there are no rupture points and pressure is uniformly distributed.

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