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Penns Chapel Loop Subdivision - Mandeville


Two years ago when we decided to put a pool in, we contacted several pool builders and as the word got out that we were looking to build a pool, more builders contacted us to give us a quote. We took considerable time to meet with many pool builders, but, we felt most comfortable with you from day one. Your research on the unique firewall and waterfall proved invaluable. Other pool builders said “we can do it,” even though they had never built a fire wall or a waterfall. You researched the best materials and the best process and you explained it to us clearly. We appreciated your honesty, straight forward conversation and very importantly your accessibility.

We had continued communication with you and I always knew (and still know) you are just a text message away from us! Even with the challenges of our rear yard access, significant rain downpours and mud everywhere, your team never wavered so the project kept moving along. The project was done on time, on quoted price and exactly as we wanted. Your team of workers and providers are very talented, conscientious and professional. I can remember your guys working past 11PM, under portable lights so we they could get the pool completed for an upcoming party we had scheduled. Your entire team hustled and did an awesome job on our backyard.

We proudly have recommended Oasis Pools to three of our good friends and they all had you build their pools and I know they are just as happy as we are. We are just as satisfied with Oasis Pools today as we were in 2012. We also appreciate your constant communication, even recently where you notified us what to do with the pool during the hard freeze, it was very nice of you to reach out to us, before we had to call you and ask.You can use us as a reference anytime. We are 100% satisfied!

Thanks Mike!

Penn’s Chapel Resident

Mandeville, LA

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