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St. Rose, LA


We are very pleased with the beautiful pool you built for us. Our backyard

went from a place that we never used to an outdoor Oasis that we use every

day, even in the winter. If it is too cold to swim, we still enjoy being

on our patio and admiring the beauty of the pool - like a work of art to


At the beginning, you sat with us and explained the process of building a

pool and the costs involved. Everything was as you explained on that first

day. There were no surprises. Your time table for finishing the pool was

just as you advised as well. You started the pool in March and we were

swimming in June!!

We were pleased with you and your staff of workers who were all

professional and courteous. We would definitely recommend Oasis Pools to

anyone who is looking for a pool contractor.

Thank you for building something for us that enhances our quality of life

and that we will enjoy for many years to come.

Susan A.

Saint Rose, LA


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