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Old Mandeville Woods Subdivision - Mandeville

When I learned that my company was moving me from the north to the south, I knew I wanted to own a home with a beautiful pool. I looked at real estate options and settled on a house in Mandeville, Louisiana where I would be able to have a pool installed. I had very limited time to be able to shop for a house, let alone shop for a house where I could build a pool.

I talked to my Real Estate broker and she gave me some information on different pool companies in the area. I called a couple companies, and decided on Oasis Pools. I reviewed their website and found that working with the owner, Mike Stanton, was a very positive experience. I was not in the area at the time, but we met when I was on a house hunting trip, and finished coordinating all of the pool installation details over the phone and by email. I moved into the house in the end of February, and had a beautiful new pool installed by June. I was able to collaborate with Mike from out of state, and he contacted the parish and worked with my bank to get all of the details worked out so I could begin the pool installation right away. I am very happy with my new custom pool and hot tub from Oasis Pools.

They have helped create a wonderful outdoor space and I would highly recommend working with Oasis Pools if you have a pool in your future.

Kim K.

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